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Aathing KP Tamsang Birth Anniversary Celebration

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Know about Aathing KP Tamsang Birth Anniversary Celebration

Aathing K.P Tamsang was the son of Aathing S.T Tamsang who grew up in an environment where the love for the Lepcha people was cultivated. He was educated in Kalimpong and spent several years in the Department of Cultural Anthropology in the School of Oriental and African studies, University of London in research works that gave him an opportunity to work with some of the most famous scholars of the time.He gained rich experience and knowledge that was to determine the course of his life. His main pursuit was the study of the Lepcha Language and Culture to which he dedicated his whole lifetime.

He produced some very scholarly books The Lepcha English-Encyclopedic-Dictionary was published in 1980 is acknowledged his main work and now considered an epic. His literary activity spanned all spheres of Lepcha life that have been recorded for prosperity. His academic inclination however, did not overshadow his contribution to the society in other fields where he devoted his time and energy with equal dedication. His tenure as the Secretary and later as President of the Lepcha organisation is a record of his wonderful contribution to the society.

he was an acknowlwdged leader of the Lepchas.

In his honour and memory of his great foresight, leadership and his contribution of the Lepcha society and the academic world Aathing K.P Tamsang birth anniversary is celebrated by the Lepchas on his birthday.