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Rong Lee housing scheme

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Implementation of Rong Lee Housing Scheme

The Rong Lee Housing Scheme announced by Hon'ble Chief Minister on 3rd September, 2013 at Mela Ground, Kalimpong was sanctioned by the BCW Department and has been implemented successfully. The thousand women beneficiaries were provided with Rupees Two Lakhs assistance to build dwelling units. The Board provided the administrative and logistical support.

The execution of the scheme has been completed.

There has been positive fallout from the scheme.The Rong Lee Housing Scheme has made direct impact on the lives of the thousand deserving families. The housing scheme did not just provide houses to the poorest of the poor but has changed their outlook and has given hope for better future.

The house has brought confidence specially to the mother of the household. Today the changes can be observed in their appearance and approach to life when earlier family members especially the women displayed low levels of confidence due to poor quality of their houses. Today the level of self assurance and assertiveness has gone up.

The Kingchoom Daarmit's Rong Lee Housing Scheme has come as a boon to the poorest section of the indigenous tribal Lepchas.