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kingchoom daarmit rural livelihood mission

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Know about Kingchoom Daarmit Rural Livelihood Mission

660 Self Help Groups out of the targeted 1250 have been formed in the countryside with Lepchas womenfolk under the Kingchoom Daarmit Rural Livelihood Mission Scheme. The Scheme has received sanction and fund during the year. The Project Management Team comprising of the Project Manager, Coordinators and Consultants have been put in place. 235 Community Service Providers (CSPs) have been selected and engage. Formal training of project personnel and the CSPs have been done. Primary activities of the SHGs are going on. The SHGs have been organized into a Federation which had been registered as the Mayel Lyang Debtong Mahila SHG Cooperative Society Limited bearing Registration no - 07 OF/DJ/2015-16 dated 21.08.2015

Awareness camp Bank CC activities by IOB Bank at Mirik (28.10.2019 - 02.11.2019)

Basic Orientation Programme with Deptongs group (Xerom Thoom) 08.01.2020

Book keeping training being conducted by master trainer 07.05.2019

Book Keeping training by Master Trainer (Kalimpong Thoom) 04.04.2019

BOP session at Sukhyaam on 07 05. .2019

Deptong group engaged in BOP Training at Joolingming Thoom

Deptong groups being trained by master trainer at Dalim Lungchok on 19.05.2019

Aathing Lyangsong Tamsang, Chairnam West Bengal Mayel Lyang Lepcha Development Bpoard, is seen addressing Mayel Lyang Women S.H.G .(Federation) and Deptong members at Master Trainer trainings programme on 23.03.2020, at Worship Centre Kalimpong.

Deptong groups stall in Saras Mela Kolkata 03.03.2018.

Livelihood activities by Deptong member (Xerong Thoom).

Master Trainer Training programme 2019 at worship centre 9th mile, Kalimpong on 23rd March 2019.

Mongbol Kyong Deptong field visit by WBSRLM Officials on 19.06.2018.

Cardamom As their Livelihood.

Deptong Members of Xerong Thoom (Piggery as their livelihood).

Deptong members with her Grocery Shop started with the help of Bank CC Loan.

Handlooms training at Kalimpong on Aug-Sept. 2019.

Livelihood of Deptong member Poultry as livelihood of Deptong Members of Paiyongling Thoom.