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Know about Lepcha Night School

Most of the night schools located in remote places in the district are operated by various individuals and disparate local initiative. These Night Schools are doing yeoman service by providing tha light of education in dark and unknown places. The highlights of the schools is that the turnout of the village children is good. Amongst the very deprived and poor strata of society these night schools are playing an important part in bringing literacy to illiterate children and others. The WBMLLDB with this principle in mind has decided to adequately enlarge the coverage of the night schools in the district. However, this will require that the existing schools be properly provided with the basic infrastructure and amenities. This scheme proposes to develop and equip the running night schools so that the children attending them are provided with a proper learning environment and amenities. in consonance with the objectives of the Board the night schools will be organized with assistance provided by the Government. It will also be in line with the mandate set by the Right to Education Act that enjoins upon the state to ensure education to the child. the night school though functioning are disorganized and not conducive for learning particularly in children of the formative age group of 4-8 years. It is targered that the present students will get a more focused learning experience while the Teachers Volunteers will also feel motivated to impart better teaching to the students.

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