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Administrative Calender May 2022

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1. 14 th May 2022.

Rulli-Ruknu Aasong Onngyaot Aasoong Sam Sa (Prayers at the confluence of Rulli-Pala (Relli).

ACHIEVEMENTS : Rulli Ruknu Oongyot Aasoong was organized by Rulli-Ruknu Thoom on 14 th May 2022, at the confluence of Relli and Ruknu (Pala), the local stream which is 17 th km away from Kalimpong Town, under the supervision, guidance of the Chairman West Bengal Mayel Lyang Lepcha Development Board, Hq. Town Hall, Kalimpong. Rulli Ruknu Thom consists of 12 th kyongs namely as follows: - 1. Siddim. 2. Taknaa. (3) Doon. (4) Lolay (5) Kamzer (6) Relli (7) Pringtaam (8) Kaongkeybong. (9) Samaalee-Shaakyong. (10) Kaffer. (11) Samaalbong and (12) Dhansing. The main purpose of the event is to promote and preserve very old Lepcha culture.

2. 21 st May 2022.

Aapryaa Vaom Aadyool spontaneous Lepcha folk Song (Lungtyen Aadyool)

ACHIEVEMENTS : WBMLLDB organized one day workshop on forgotten Lepcha cultural at Lepcha Girls Hostel Bom Busty, Kalimpong. Total four Thom Shezoom namely 1. Git-Dabling 2. Samthaar 3. Rulli-Ruknu and 4. Xeryong including eight Kyong moos (village cluster) participated on this event; altogether 200 people were gathered to witness the event. Work Shop has divided into two categories as follows

  • Single and
  • Group category.

The main purpose of this event is to revive extinct traditional Lepcha song to express feeling.