West Bengal Mayel Lyang Lepcha Development Board

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The Lepchas are acknowledged as the natives of Darjeeling district from before the time the present political boundaries were drawn. During the last century and half they have, in general, not been able to keep pace with the transformation of the region from scattered, sheltered village settlement to bustling hill station with a flourishing Tea industry and have in the process been marginalized.

The intention of the Government therefore is clearly to bring about positive change and contribution to the upliftment of the Community and has outlined a modest role for the Board.

The Board has conceived and prepared several schemes and projects in furtherance of its objectives. Despite the hardship faced due to the terrain and inaccessibility of the locations the Board is striving hard to achieve social, cultural and educational upliftment of the Lepchas. Shri Lyangsong Tamsang is the Chairman of the board which is a registered Society under the Administrative control of the Tribal Development.

Smt. Choten Dhendup LamaIAS, Secretary